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rk if it's within my knowledge and tool capabilities. I have worked on cars since I was 15, spent a summer at my uncle's collision and salvage shop, and fully understand most automotive systems. Back in August, I needed my AC compressor and other related components replaced. Two years ago when I was in the engine bay replacing a failed intake manifold gasket, I noticed that the oil-fill tube support tab had failed due to metal fatigue after 200kmi of vibration.

At the time I didn't have a welder to tack it back into place, so I did the next best thing and zip-tied it in place as it's not a structural or stressed component. Here's the cool part of the story and why I strongly recommend Ken as your chosen mechanic: While he was replacing the AC compressor, he took the time to remove my jury-rigged, zip-tied oil-fill tube and TIG-welded its mounting tab back in place. He just did it because he found something that wasn't completely right and took the five or so minutes to lay a 1/h inch weld bead to keep my van running tight and rattle-free. Did he have to repair my work? No, he could have simply replaced the Zip-tie on his way to finishing the job. Most shops run on fixed-fee invoicing with time and materials being the variables in profitability.